The Funkyhairman Album

White Trash

This is my interpretation of the mulitino Californian half hippie
half Mexican mostly stoner,  beer drinker,  that I have come to
know and rebel with , and against in some time or another
down the winding road of my vibrant life. The consciousness
that I have envisioned for this album is one of experience that I
have had in the interpretation of people from my own time and
place as well as mixed with the diluted perception others have
whisked upon me as well as the way I sometimes see my self. I
hope you enjoy a moment in my emotional mind because this
is where the soul of the music lies.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank
Shannon for helping me make this album
possible. The back ground vocals were
key to making this work and any one that
could put up with listening to the same
song over and over for six hours at a time
wile I mix them is tougher than me. Thank
you for the birthday bass it rocks.
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