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Tito Sunshine
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A trip inside the spinning mind of Funkyhairman

author: Dan Lurie
The art of home recording typically conjures up the
image of a sensitive songwriter holed up in the bedroom
with a thrift store guitar and a 4-track cassette recorder. If
that’s the norm, consider Titus Etheridge (aka
Funkyhairman) a rebel. While other basement and
bedroom troubadours seek solace in simplicity,
Funkyhairman opts to unleash sprawling sonic walls
and ambient landscapes dressed up in more layers
than a nature-lover addicted to performance fleece.
Funkyhairman’s latest release, Tito Sunshine, spills
nearly 120 minutes of woozy, guitar-fueled rock across
two compact discs. How best to describe the sound? It
all begins with a bed of acoustic guitar, accompanied by
a full, one-man rhythm section, swirling clouds of electric
guitar tone, and occasional flourishes of nimble piano
work. There’s also something that resembles a flute
somewhere along the way, plus a few appearances by
the smoky-voiced Shannon Singleton. At times it is
somber, other times abrasive, and when those piano
keys hit just the right notes midway through disc 2, it can
be beautiful in a way that stirs up mysterious emotions
and distant memories from deep within the listener’s
fragile psyche. While the instrumentation is complex and
all over the map, Funkyhairman’s expressive vocal
stylings harken back to Axl Rose and an era of hard rock
once loved by many, now loved primarily by those who
don’t turn their back when trends change. In this sense,
Funkyhairman should be admired for sticking to his
guns, never bending to what the kids might be listening
to these days. You’ll find no bleeps or blips here, no
hushed vocals or whisper-soft drum beats.
Funkyhairman does things his way, and the results are
wholly unique. Tito Sunshine may or may not be your cup
of tea, but it demands your attention, and the meticulous
craftsmanship put into these 22 tracks is most certainly
worthy of respect.